Credence Hall (Orphanage): An ominous building that once house the “afflicted”. Now Credence Hall is called home to the unfortunate children that have no family. The heavy thick gray stones of the first two floors are covered with moss and vines that hide many of the windows still covered with heavy iron bars. The third floor’s lies in disrepair. Grayed and weather beaten wooden walls are warping from the elements. The windows that once decorated the top floor of this building have been broken or sold. Now rotted pieces of wood lay recklessly across the opening or dangle dangerously ready to fall with next stiff breeze.

The laughter of children does not brighten this dreary place. Instead, you the eerie silence of of the cold halls broken only by the forced cry and tears of those children punished for breaking the rules. Most children behave, not for fear of the reed or strap, but rather for fear of “The Hole”. “The Hole” is reserved for those that have not learned to fear the reed or strap. It is reserved for the most unruly of children. Many of the children believe that spirits of the afflicted that passed remain behind in “The Hole”. Or possibly it is home to “The Rickity Man”. The children pass down the story of Elwin Rinter, who was so out of control that he was placed in “The Hole” for 3 days. When released from his punishment, that his once Raven hair was now pure white and that he had never spoken again. Some when he was brought out of “The Hole” that he was clutching the skeletal remains of a child that was punished and forgotten. To this day, Elwin has not spoken a word but remains in the town, working as a gravedigger in the cemetery. Many of the children believe that the reason Elwin never speaks is because his tongue was stolen while being punished. Others believe a demon stole his voice or cursed him that if he over spoke, his soul would belong to (or will be devoured by) the demon forever. There are others that believe he saw something so horrific that he had completely forgotten how to speak.

“The Hole” resides in the basement, which is off limits the children. The children don’t mind not being allowed to go in the basement as most fear what may be down there. Mot children believe it is haunted by those that died here. Some believe a demon escaped the world wound and hides down there wreaking havoc on the lands while trying to free the Whispering Tyrant.

Creighten Dimwallow, a very disagreeable man, though getting up in years still runs the orphanage, as he did when it was a hospital for the afflicted.

After too many deaths while trying to find a cure for the afflicted, the hospital was shut down. The raids from orcs over the years left many children homeless and on the streets  It was then that the town repurposed the Hospital into an orphanage in the hopes to help those that have lost their families. There are those that give apprenticeships to the children of the orphanage, but there are others that rather forget it’s existence as well as the existence to the riff-raff that dwell within.


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