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The area you will be starting in is Ustalav (akin to the Romania portion of Transylvania). The municipality (Large Town/Small City) is name Lands End. It is thus called due to the edge of town is just below the impassible crags called the, “Shadow’s Teeth of the Hungry Mountains”. These mountains also boarder "Virlych" (where the Whisperting Tyrant lies).

You will be starting as 0 level Commoner Children. (following the information provided below). You will be starting a week before the last day of Calsitril (February). Normally, the town would be at peace preparing for tomorrows feast and celebration for the first day of Pharast (March), which marks the first day of Spring. A celebration to bless the beginning of the new planting season as well as celebrate all those that survived the harsh winter and remember/honor those who had not.

However, fear has gripped the town and none feel much like celebrating. The Mayor pushes forth with the planning in the hopes to not break tradition and maybe take the minds of the town folk off the disappearances. that have occurred.

The beginning play date will Jan. 29th 2017.


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