Lands End

Land’s End was originally founded in 2759 AR after the sacrifice of Vaara Earthbourne. Although most of her holy grove was destroyed in her battle with Belthora, Vaara’s sacred oak survived. This sacred Oak, also known as Ve-Diraal, became the town center. The settlement quickly grew into bustling town. Many nobles and prestigious families would pass through Land’s End on their way to what is now known as “The Garden of Lead”.

The inhabitants of Land’s End saw prosperity until the rise of the Whispering Tyrant. There is great mystery surrounding the original town of Land’s End and its inhabitants. Early on the 33rd century the inhabitants of the town all vanished. There was no sign of struggle or bloodshed. Some homes even had dinner still on the table. The empty town became known as the “City of the Lost”. Many believed the land to be cursed and that only the fool hardy would ever travel there. There were many stories of those who went to claim the riches left in the town that were never heard from again.

In 3801 AR, the “Knight’s of Ozem” cleaned the town and converted it into a fort. Land’s End was used as a staging area for troops to hold The Whispering Tyrants forces from growing by slaying the southern residents of Ustalav and adding the re-animated corpses to his growing undead army. After the imprisonment of Tar-Baphon, Many of the refugees that traveled to Land’s End remained claiming Land’s End as their new home.

Today, the small city of Land’s End is home to many and growing as one of the more important trade stops in Ustalav. The rich forests, the plentiful mines and fertile farmlands call to many that seek to make a life in this world.

Land’s End is not unlike other cities of Golarion. There are the poor and impoverished, the black markets and the stories of the curse that was never truly cleansed form the time when Land’s End was known as the “City of the Lost”.


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