The Golden Kestrel

The Golden Kestrel: This finely kept establishment caters to only those with the most exquisite tastes. The Golden Kestrel boasts that their staff has been hand selected to include only the best from all of Ustalav. It doesnot matter what the job entails, from stable boy to head chef, only the best have been lucky enough to be employed here. 

Looking at this fine building one might think that when light is cast onto the building that it glows as if bewitched by a glamor (and many believe this to be true). For being one of the oldest building in Land's End, it should hardly a blemish and almost weathering as if the building was just uncovered for the first time. Is there magic at hand? The owner and the staff will never tell….or maybe the can't tell. 


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The Golden Kestrel

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