Maadens Magical Fineries

Maadens Magical Fineries: This stone and wood building found on the edge of Merchants Square is painted with some of the brightest colors only a gnome could love. Though the bawdy contrast of bright eye-searing colors should make you turn away from this boutique, the treasures that lie within draw you closer.

This emporium is run by one of the few completely non humans found in Land's End. The owner is a gnome know by Bellaxarixx Maaden. Though most of the non humans have felt the un-welcomed glare of  from the residents of Land's End, they seem to have made an exception for Bell. The people say they accept him because not only does he sell some of the finest magical items in all Land's End, he also is known to make custom or modify  magical items to suit ones desires or needs. A few residents are willing to admit they accept him out of fear for how the quirky little gnome might retaliate if they were to run him out of town.


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Maadens Magical Fineries

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