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Darkness runs deep in the land of Ustalav. Is history repeating itself once again?


Ustalav, The land known for eternal darkness and those horrors that live within. There is no exception in the town of Lands End. Nestled in the foot hills of the “Shadows Teeth of the Hungry Mountains”, this quiet municipality is struck once more by the the horrors of the land.

Just two weeks have passed since the first child disappeared. An orphan boy named Malik Dorham, aged only to 7, vanished during the night. The matron of the orphanage swears she saw all the children to bed at night. In the morning however, Malik was not to be found. Instead just his neatly made bed lay empty as if never slept in.

Only three days later the second child vanished. Another young boy from the orphanage named Eafor Lestwin age 10. Once again leaving behind only a neatly made bed behind. The town raised little concern as orphans often run off. Whether they do it in the hopes to make their way into the world or in the hopes to find their true family, it matters not. Whatever the reason, it lessens the burden of the town a little bit more.

The children of the orphanage however, are not easily convinced. They believe that they knew what fate had truly befallen the boys. The fear alone grips the children so tightly that their voices fail. They can only mouth the words of that which they fear most, “The Rickity Man”. The adults scoff at the children’s claims The Rickity Man is just a folktale meant to scare naughty children. He could not, and does not truly exists.

It is not until the third child, a prominent family’s child vanishes that the town truly takes notice. Elisa Greenfall age 8, vanishes from her home just 5 days after the last. The town guards, the militia and towns folk searched every inch of the city and surrounding woods, but not a single trace could be found. The hounds could track no scent as if the child vanished in thin air.

There were no witnesses to any of these occurrences, save one. A young servant boy to the house Greenfall. Thoban Shepit, age 10. Thoban swears that he saw a tall and sickly thin man shrouded in black and crimson come in and steal Elisa away. His claims fall on deafened ears….mostly. The town now gripped in terror. Who’s child will be next?  Is the Rickity Man real? What will become of the missing children?

Shadows of the Rift

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